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Some eyes, and independent of color, have a dark ring around the iris, called a limbal ring, located at the sclerocorneal limbus.[16] This ring is a manifestation of dark color of the corneal limbus resulting from the optical properties of that region.[16] It has been suggested that its thickness may correlate with health status and age, as well as contribute as an additional aesthetic aspect in the tonal set of the eye.[17][18] The nature of black eyes is similar to that of brown eyes, with the difference being that they have a very high amount of eumelium.
The nature of black eyes is similar to that of brown eyes, with the difference that they have very high amounts of eumelanin. Because of the darkness of the pupil, it is difficult to distinguish it from the iris; and it is relatively common in dark-skinned people. Early humans inhabited tropical areas and it is considered that they must have had dark eyes to protect themselves from the sun.[19] Amber eyes are the most common color in the human eye.
Amber-colored eyes are yellowish to golden reddish to copper-tinged. Amber is a color resulting from low amounts of eumelanin (dark brown) and high amounts of yellow pheomelanin (photosensitive). The main pigment responsible for this coloration is lipochrome or pheomelanin, also called fusco pigment, which is also present in green eyes.[3] Genetically, there is no explanation for this coloration.[8] The coloration of the eyes is not explained.

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Although it may seem that eye color has no relevance, there are scientists who assure the opposite. Such is the case of a group of researchers from the University of Orebro, Sweden, who conducted a study to determine whether personality was related to the iris of the eye.
The conclusion they reached is that the color of our eyes is determined by the same genes that form the frontal lobes, which is why people with the same eye color tend to have similar personalities. Therefore, the color of our eyes does influence our personality.
If your eyes are brown, you should know that according to the study Personality and Individual Differences, people with brown eyes drink less compared to people with lighter eyes and are more skilled at certain sports such as tennis; how about that?

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Send news by e-mailYour name *Your e-mail *Your e-mail *Besides working as authentic photographic machines, the eyes are conceived as powerful elements to know people. It is said that they are the mirror of the soul, that they are enough to fall in love and that there are even glances that kill. Therefore, it is normal that they are one of the first things we look at when we are introduced to a person.
“Amber: This yellowish tone, originated by the predominance of lipochrome in the iris, can be found in several European countries, as well as in Brazil or some areas of Asia. Doctors have not found a genetic explanation for this “extravagant” and unusual coloration of the pupils. 3.
Liz Taylor, is produced due to a mixture of red tones with blue reflections, resulting in an “unreal” very intense blue. It is frequent in people affected by albinism, although there have also been cases in other people who do not suffer from this condition, such as Taylor herself.4.-Black: Black eyes are those in which it is practically impossible to differentiate the iris from the pupil. This may be due to the color of the iris being so dark brown that it looks black, or to the person in question suffering from a black eye.

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Every time we blink, our eyelids spread a layer of mucus, oil and tears across the cornea, which covers the front of the eye. Lacrimal glands, located in the upper outer corner of each eye socket, make tears that, after moistening the eyes, flow into ducts in the eyelids. These ducts drain into the lacrimal sac, a small sac located in the lower inner corner of each eye socket. The tears then exit the eye through a duct that leads to the nose.

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