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| Pocket watch showing local time in 72 cities around the world – This pocket watch is currently on display at the Musée international d’horlogerie. It displays the local time in 72 cities around the world. Its origins date back to New York before 1884.
| Marine chronometer, Henri Hiatt, Liverpool, mid-19th century – A very precise time was needed to calculate its exact position at sea. Marine chronometers were created to keep accurate time on board.
| Planetary clock, François Ducommun, La Chaux-de-Fonds, 1830 – This planetary clock shows the exact position of the Earth and the Moon around the Sun. The signs of the zodiac also appear on the clock.
| DB28 Skybridge by De Bethune – The DB28 Skybridge features a blue titanium base as the dial, and the finishes are made with polished titanium balls and diamonds. The dial mimics the night sky.
| Récital 11 ‘Miss Alexandra’ by Bovet – The Récital 11 ‘Miss Alexandra’ by Bovet is a ladies’ watch that was named after the daughter of Pascal Ravy, the company’s owner. It features a moon phase with two black moons on a moving disc.

Clock showing the position of the planets

To conclude this dossier, we have selected, presented and transcribed three texts produced in the last quarter of the 18th century: The Instructions for the new astronomical clocks (c. 1785-1790); the Report of the camera watchmaker Manuel Zerella and Ycoaga on the status of the Royal School of Watchmaking in Madrid (1784); and the Real Cédula to reform the ringing of bells (1794). This unpublished material is now available to the specialized public as an example of how changes occur in a continuous phenomenon such as time. Three documents that show us some possibilities of how a society objectifies time according to the needs and parameters of its present.
The Instructions for the new astronomical clocks that we transcribe here are actually one of the two copies of a translation made by Juan Jacinto Magallanes of a document originally written in English by the Swiss watchmaker Josiah Emery, maker of the «Reloges» and who had his watchmaking workshop in the city of London. Although with different handwriting, both copies contain exactly the same indications, both were signed by the secretary general of the viceroyalty of New Granada, Don José de Casamayor, and made by two of the copyists who worked under his charge in the office of the Secretariat that was located in the Plaza Mayor of Santafé de Bogotá.

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The archaic power is still engaged in a ping pong of blame with China for the virus gentility, without realizing that, in this game, either we get on the same side, as the species under attack, or we will lose by a wider score.
The weak point is not inside our bodies; what has failed is the planetary model, the immune system of humanity, so vulnerable that it seems a miracle that we did not fall into this labyrinth earlier. On a global level, deep practices contradict the protective spirit represented in the emergence of nasobucos or chinstraps.
The French colleague received from these scientists the details of a new paradigm called «One Health», aimed at interconnecting human health programs with those of animals and ecosystems in general, in view of the atrocious consequences that the gaps with other species – pigs, cows, birds, bats… – have brought us while, in the name of economy and progress, their original requirements or habitats are quietly devastated.

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