Frases rap amistad

Frases rap amistad

Rap phrases

The lyrics of some rap songs can really be considered true urban poetry. While it is true that the most common themes have to do with marginality, crime and confrontation between gangs, you can find many rap phrases of love or rap phrases of life that really move.Here you can find the best phrases of romantic rap, street, English and more.Rap song phrases of love
Many times rappers pretend to be tough guys… but they are people like everyone else, with feelings and sensitivity, to which adds their facility to create wonderful rhymes. This combination results in the best phrases of love rap songs.These are some of the phrases of love rappers that show that we all fall in love sometime.Frases of sad rap songsIf there is something that characterizes the rap is for its strong lyrics, full of content and above all unhappy. Thus arise the phrases of sad rap songs, as part of a response to people, feelings or situations.Frases de canciones de rap bonitasLife has many sad situations, but also beautiful ones. In those are inspired these phrases of beautiful rap songs. Ideal to dedicate (directly or indirectly in social networks ;))Frases de canciones de rap para reflexionar

Street rap phrases

Therefore, friendship rap phrases are a ray of light in which we will find rough but nice lyrics, which show that friends are one of our pillars, since a real friend will always be there, even when he has to put up with us being heavy when we go out partying, when he asks us to leave his cell phone when he has balance, or when we have to do a dance duel with the rival rapper band.
31. A good friend doesn’t fight and steal your wife a good friend is with you when you win and when you lose when you are rich money invents a thousand friends when you are poor the function akava and they are gone. – Akil Ammar
36. Life is a short road with no return, you see a hindrance, to family and their balance, if friends bring their best smile and flowers, they take glass eyes, close to delirium, ask them a favor not to spread the sadness of their departure and give love around. – Nach
38. My diaphragm dilates from the bad p*** ostia that I carry between my chest and back, you are not my friend, not even my colleague for sharing with me a few minutes or a few beers, you should not hesitate of what you do not have, when you live a quarter of this as I do, you come. – Sho Hai

Canciones de amistad

July 20th is the Day of the Friend in Brazil! It is the perfect moment to praise that person who is always by your side, in the good times and in the bad, and to thank for all the complicity and companionship.
8. Keep smiling, keep shining, knowing you can always count on me, for sure – Stevie Wonder, That’s What Friends Are For
25. Told you I’ll be here forever,said I’ll always be your friend, took an oath, I’mma stick it out to the end – Rihanna (feat. Jay-z), Umbrella

Reggaeton of friendship

Here we leave you some of our favorites, those songs that were made for someone important in your life. And as always, remember that in that moment of magic, English will help you feel them, understand them and sing them. Cheer up!!!
Jon Deacon wrote «You’re my best friend» for his wife. The song was included in the album A Night at the Opera. There is nothing sweeter, more romantic and touching in life than falling in love, and Freddy Mercury with his voice takes the song to an exceptional level, where he sings about the need to have friends in life and how sometimes the pain is best carried by their side.
The arrangements of this song are austere but Cyndi’s singing is sublime. The song is an anthem of hope and gave voice to many people who had no voice in the LGBTQ community. When we no longer believe in ourselves, there is our friend with his or her great love.
Song dedicated to Syd Barret, former member of the band who left due to his drug and alcohol addiction and mental problems. The distances don’t count, neither do the facts, the memory of an important person will always remain. Heartbreaking sentiment and nostalgia.

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