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It is a pure, free, true and loving encounter of people who open themselves to heal, to find their essence, to enter an inner space of power from where they can face life. Our inner evolution retreats are spiritual retreats in the sense that they facilitate the connection with the divinity of each person to access the real treasure that is inside each one, where the answers, solutions and exits live. We invite you to experience at least once in your life the feeling of being in an energetic field of human transformation, where no one is invited to change anything, to improve anything, but to transform everything into love and compassion.

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Inner Mastery is formed by an interdisciplinary team of more than 200 health professionals, who together with therapists, facilitators, shamans and traditional doctors from the Amazon jungle, have decided to bring the benefits of natural medicines to the whole world, creating a system based on the Psychotherapeutic Integration of the use of entheogens (substances extracted from plants and animals) that accelerate the processes of overcoming each participant in the retreats. We have found answers and solutions beyond the therapy.


Inner Evolution Retreats® for people looking for new options.  At a time when the world is becoming more complicated, when personal problems are becoming more complex and where it is essential to use creativity to find spontaneous solutions, this effective proposal arises and is reaching the whole world.  In dozens of countries of the 5 continents we offer the possibility to expand the consciousness, strengthen the body, open the heart and deepen in the blockages that prevent us from personal fulfillment. Come to an Inner Evolution Retreat in Barcelona and give transcendent focus to your life.

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Inner Mastery International sl is registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid. The company’s registered capital is in the range of 1 – 3.500€, with the number of employees between 11 and 50 and sales between 750.001 and 1.500.000€. It has 3 active corporate bodies, 1 historical corporate body and is related to 3 companies.
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