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September 10, 2021As we said a few days ago, Caixa Bank will eliminate Bankia’s On Account and all its conditions and will be transferred to the Day by Day Account with payment of up to 240€ commission if you do not link (see here).
September 07, 2021CaixaBank definitively eliminates Bankia’s free online account, the On Account, and will convert it into the Day by Day Account, which will require links if you do not want to pay commissions.
September 02, 2021BBVA has extended until December 31, 2021 its Invite a Friend Plan in which it gives a €15 welcome bonus for opening the account (here) on the recommendation of a bank customer who also gets €15.
New customers who open the account now, the return is 0.1% APR, half of what old customers enjoy, but will it be double that of old customers or will they also lower it?
August 27, 2021BFS (Banco Finantial Spain) plans to merge with its Portuguese parent BFT (Banco Finantial S.A.) and if you have deposits, your money will be under the protection of the Portuguese FGD.

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www.tucapital.es has a comparator of best mortgages and a comparator of best deposits and is currently in the development phase of the credit card comparator and will progressively develop other comparators for loans, investment funds, etc…
With www.tucapital.es, in addition to being able to make comparisons between different products, it also offers a segmentation of products according to investment term, financial institution, etc.
In addition, it incorporates other services such as profitability calculator in each of the bank deposits and other services such as tricks to increase the profitability of our money. The information that www.tucapital.es offers through its comparator is obtained from the information published on the websites of the different banks and financial institutions, and from the information provided through its customer services, data that is reviewed and updated daily.

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Tucapital.es Los mejores depósitos bancarios a plazo fijo – Comparador depósitosTu Capital es un portal dedicado a recopilar y publicar los mejores productos bancarios de inversión (mejores depósitos bancarios a plazo fijo (ipfs), m… Resumen rápido Estado en líneaDirección IP del servidor resuelta: SíCódigo de respuesta http: 200Tiempo de respuesta: 4.20 sec.Last Checked: 09/12/2021 El volumen de tráfico de tucapital.es es de 1.251 visitantes únicos diarios y sus 2.627 páginas vistas. La tasa de valor de la web de tucapital.es es de 49,209 USD.
Según las estimaciones de tráfico de Alexa, tucapital.es se sitúa en la posición 37.938 en el mundo, mientras que la mayor cantidad de sus visitantes proviene de España, donde ocupa el puesto 9.196.
McAfee evalúa a tucapital.es por un conjunto significativo de amenazas a la seguridad. Se revelan los peligros más destacados, desde las molestas ventanas emergentes hasta los troyanos ocultos, que pueden robar su identidad. McAfee no analiza tucapital.es en busca de contenido maduro o inapropiado, sólo se evalúan los controles de seguridad.

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The kind friends pour out their comments. Other experts comment – according to their professions and coffee gatherings – on what is published here about the history of the origin of the capital. Today, addressing its irregular planning.
This type of “checkerboard” planning comes from the “hypodamic plan”. This appellation comes from the name of the Greek architect Hippodamus of Miletus, considered one of the fathers of European urban planning.
Here comes the contrast. But seen through other eyes, the capital is painted a landscape of charm, suitable for bohemians, poets and painters… If it is appreciated with the other optics of life. The most sensitive that awakens feelings of nostalgia and sighs.
This caused a network of streets, alleys and alleys that in its adaptation to the terrain originated many severe slopes, other winding. Just take a look at slopes such as the “Perro Ahorcado” (Hanged Dog), a climb to the El Bosque neighborhood.
Or the so-called “vueltas de La Leona” in the form of a pronounced “s” where the “galones”, as they call these legendary and “long” yellow buses that have always transported passengers to the neighborhood of El Bosque and Buenos Aires. I was one of them.

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