Como agregar gifs a power point

Como agregar gifs a power point

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While it is true that GIFs refer to a series of frames that follow each other and thus create an animation without sound that usually repeats in the form of a loop between 5 and 10 seconds. In addition to this, these files are characterized by containing a maximum of 256 colors, which is why they are much lighter than traditional videos. However, since they are much more dynamic than ordinary images.
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Although there is the possibility of searching for images in GIF format directly from any web browser, sometimes, this alternative can generate a greater expenditure of time for PowerPoint users who are preparing their presentations. For this reason, it is considered more efficient to go to an image bank that provides this type of illustrations and, in addition, allows to

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Animated GIFs in presentations are amazing for grabbing attention and improving the mood of the audience. Whether the presentation is for education or for business, a good GIF can help grab the attention of your audience. If you already have the GIF or still looking for one, inserting a GIF animation will take less than a minute in PowerPoint. In this article, we will show you the easiest way to find and insert a GIF animation into your PowerPoint presentation.

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You can add an animated GIF image to a slide using PowerPoint for web as you would any other image file, but the GIF file does not play when viewing the presentation in Slide Show. PowerPoint for the web cannot play animated GIF files.
If you would like to see the feature to play GIF files in PowerPoint for the web, we recommend that you suggest this feature by clicking Help > Feedback > I have a suggestion.

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Making certain presentations can be monotonous and boring, but this can be changed by adding an animated GIF to your PowerPoint presentation. You just need to include different elements to your slides, including animated images or GIFs. This will make the visualization more attractive and entertaining for the viewers.
GIFs usually have an indefinite playback time, that is, they are repeated many times before stopping. However, in some cases, when used in programs such as PowerPoint, they do not even stop. However, this is something you can change with the help of sites like
This way you will prevent people from getting too distracted by the animation, instead of paying attention to what you are saying. Note that you can only do this with existing images on your computer. To do this you will have to follow the instructions below:

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