Como dar de baja total play

Como dar de baja total play

Cobertura total play

Tengo internet izzi.    Lo tengo desde hace años.    Solo internet y teléfono fijo.      Cuando me lo instalaron hace años, también me proporcionaron un teléfono fijo para hacer llamadas ilimitadas que casi no utilizo ya que sólo necesito internet.    En aquel entonces, recuerdo que no había contrato… Creo que me dijeron que podía cancelarlo en cualquier momento y simplemente devolver el módem y el teléfono fijo, etc.      Pero creo que en el último año o pocos años, cualquier proveedor de internet que contrates… ya sea izzi, telmex o totalplay, tienes que firmar un contrato de un año.    ¿Es eso correcto?    ¿O algunos de ellos ofrecen planes de 6 meses?
Pregunto esto porque Izzi para mí no ha sido realmente fiable en los últimos años.    Antes era muy bueno.    Sé que ahora tienen totalplay en mi zona.    ¿Alguien utiliza totalplay y es mucho mejor que izzi?
Ahora lo que me confunde es… ¿todavía tengo un contrato con izzi o puedo cancelarlo en cualquier momento?    Recuerdo exactamente cuando me inscribí en izzi hace años… ¿así que usarían esa fecha como fecha de vencimiento de mi contrato?    Estoy bastante seguro de que no me dijeron que tenía un contacto cuando me inscribí hace años o siempre hay un contrato de un año cuando se inscribe en izzi?

Total play customer service

1.1 CARD – CARD – Document that forms an integral part of the contract, where the main data of THE CUSTOMER, the CONTRACTED SERVICES, the EQUIPMENT, the PAYMENT SYSTEM and other characteristics of this contract are stated.
1.3 CUSTOMER – The contracting party of the services referred to in this contract, whose identification data are set forth in the CHARTER, has the rights established by law and shall be responsible for complying with each and every one of the obligations contained in this contract, regardless of the person who makes use of the CONTRACTED SERVICES.
1.8 SERVICE RESUMPTION CHARGE – If the CONTRACTED SERVICES are not paid on time (on the PAYMENT DEADLINE), a service resumption charge will be applied, the rate of which is registered with the IFT.
1.22 ADDITIONAL SERVICES – Those services accessory to the CONTRACTED SERVICES, which may be requested by the CUSTOMER during the term of this contract, either at the time of contracting or subsequently by electronic means and/or by telephone.

Total play internet

I asked about the supposed limit but they did not want to give me the information. They only mentioned that it was because I consumed 2.4 Tb of data last month. I then asked for a breakdown of my consumption and was told that they could not give me that information either.
Mario had no alternative but to cancel the contract with Totalplay, although he assures that «they take it as if you do not want the service so that you do not allege that they canceled unilaterally». He had to disconnect both the modem and the television equipment, as well as cancel the recurring charge to the card. Two days after the call his Totalplay equipment was picked up.
There will be no streams until further notice. Totalplaymx just cut our contract without notice. Arguing that we are high usage users and that we would be better off on the business plan (costs 10x more and is slower than what we had). We’re working this out…- Ninja Pollo (@nPosho) January 8, 2021
Our consumption is «not normal» but we should have been given a warning to prepare in advance. Now I just hope my data survives so I can upload videos. Careful there, colleagues with TP

My totalplay

In this order of ideas, it is strictly forbidden to charge third parties for the use of the service you are contracting, regardless of whether it has authorization or permission issued by the Federal Telecommunications Institute, since this is not a wholesale service and is a service for residential or business use, in accordance with this Internet fair use policy, as well as with its other terms and conditions.
In this sense, residential service is understood as the normal use for a single household according to the needs of its members, without profit or commercial speculation. Likewise, the use of the service in the business segment shall be consistent with the reasonable activity of the customer and may not at any time be integrated, directly or indirectly, to a different product or service.
During the first 5 months, prompt payment and list price will be paid. Prompt payment price applies when payment is made within 10 days after the cutoff date; thereafter, the list price will apply.

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