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Graphics Interchange Format or as it is also known GIF, is a graphic format that is responsible for generating a movement or effect that cause an optical effect as is the playback of a video. Currently they are used to carry out advertising, to be sent through instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp and in many social networks.
In case you have seen the library of animated images offered by your instant messaging app and you are not convinced or do not like it, then you also have the opportunity to download your own images from different websites. In this way, here we are going to offer you two of the best websites currently to download Gif to your WhatsApp Messenger in a very simple and easy way and without having to pay anything, for this follow each of the methods that we will explain below:
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Stickers for whatsapp

At first, WhatsApp gave you the opportunity to express certain feelings or postures through emoticons, to later let us use the GIFs, something that seeks the same purpose but that, thanks to its movement, makes the emoticons are left behind compared to this system, much more effective when it comes to express what we want.
They have integrated some of the files they have on this website, so that we work with them quickly and without having to leave the app.we can also use files of this type that we have downloaded from the network to send them to friends and family, so it is very convenient to know websites where we can download them, something that we are going to tell you at this very moment.Best websites of GIF:GIPHY
It is a website with a really wide catalog in which you will find almost all the GIFs you want instantly, plus it has them divided by categories, something that helps a lot, and with a powerful search engine where nothing can escape you.

The best gifs for whatsapp

The truth is that WhatsApp offers the possibility of sending animated gifs through its integration with the GIPHY or Tenor platform. To do this, we simply have to go to the chat in which we want to share the gif, tap on the emoticon icon that appears to the left of the text field and at the bottom tap again on the GIF icon. Now we can select some animated gifs from GIPHY that appear in WhatsApp or search for the one that interests us from the magnifying glass icon. But we can also send them if we have them previously downloaded in the gallery of our cell phone.
Therefore, from the messaging application itself as from the GIPHY website, we can download free animated gifs for WhatsApp easily and share them with our contacts. However, there are other platforms that offer us the possibility to download free animated gifs for WhatsApp, such as Tenor, GIF Bin or Reaction GIFs. It is the default animated GIFs bank in many applications and one of the most complete but not only allows you to search for what you want but also allows you to create them from scratch using YouTube or Vimeo videos to have your own personalized animated images.

Free animated gifs for whatsapp

We are going to explain how to create your own GIFs with WhatsApp and use them easily in any other app, a process for which we are going to combine several knowledge we have acquired in previous articles. First we will send a message to ourselves on WhatsApp, and we will do it by recording a video and sending it as a GIF. Once we have created our GIF using only WhatsApp, we will go on to share it as a GIF on other apps.
There are several mobile apps and websites that allow you to easily create your personal GIFs. But maybe sometimes you prefer that the GIF doesn’t leave your phone and is not uploaded in any database and can’t be found by others. In these cases, you can resort to WhatsApp, an application that you probably already have installed, so you will not need to install any other.
Once inside the conversation with yourself, click on the camera icon to the right of the text box to enter the camera function. In it, press and hold the red button to record video instead of taking a picture. While holding it record the video you want, with the peace of mind that then you will have to cut it enough for WhatsApp to make a GIF automatically from it.

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