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View premium templateView premium template Free download free kids PowerPoint templates and get the best presentations for making presentations by teachers or parents. These PowerPoint templates will serve to enhance amazing presentations in the classroom or educational presentations at home. Get your kids PowerPoint templates easily and simply.
Awaken your creativity and combine the different elements this template offers (icons, diagrams, maps and tables) in your presentations. This template can be used in both PowerPoint and Open Office and you can modify it by simply replacing the existing text with the information you want as well as images and other elements.
It is composed of two color ranges perfect for child-themed presentations. The template contains two color options (blue and pink) so you can make different combinations for each presentation you make, thanks also to the different graphic elements contained in the template: icons, maps, figures and graphs.

Free science powerpoint templates

Thousands of PowerPoint templates of all kinds are what we find in Slide Hunter, with some very curious categories such as presentations in 16:9 format (for projectors that have this proportion), a very powerful search engine and content recommended by the editors that is always good to keep in mind. FPPT
In SmileTemplates you have at your disposal a few dozen free PowerPoint templates for the most part, with some cases where they offer limited use. There are all kinds and the search engine is very visual, which will allow us to find good results quickly. Reddit
Free PowerPoint templates that in addition to original are creative, in Showeet finding many files that we can download to make different and very visually appealing presentations. Ideal for use in class. Template Monster
More than 240 free PowerPoint templates can be found at Slide Geeks, a site that allows us to browse through several categories -including educational- with a search engine, filters for the most popular, free, paid… everything! Presentation Load

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There is no doubt, PowerPoint is the tool par excellence of millions of users around the world to create presentations, in addition to this it should be noted that these have taken a remarkable relevance today.
However, sometimes the possibilities offered by Microsoft Office are not enough or perhaps we do not have the necessary time to create a great presentation. In that case, an ideal solution would be to download templates that go according to what we need to create.
This great PowerPoint utility comes in handy when our time is quite limited and we need to create a great presentation. Whatever the reason, we will find different templates online that will make our life easier.
Surely you need a pretty flashy finish on the next presentation you are going to create. For that you can choose from hundreds of options according to the ones we are going to present you in this list of the best PowerPoint templates.
There are hundreds of templates on the web and each one has a different use. The idea is to evaluate the different options we have compiled for you to find the one that best suits your tastes and needs.


PowerPoint is a quite complete and powerful tool, not for nothing is it basically synonymous with the word “presentations” since these can be created on a computer. However, anyone who has used it knows that to get the best results you have to invest a lot of time and work in it.
This one comes with a trailer and everything. It is part of a collection of free templates from a site called “The Power of PowerPoint”, so you get the idea of what they do. It is a very colorful template, includes over 80 fully animated slides, with even several animations showing at the same time.
This template is from the same site as the previous one, it contains 45 fully animated slides in four varieties of colors. If you are interested in licensing some of the content they use, such as images and fonts, you can read details in the description.
This template is free for personal and commercial use, contains 25 slides extremely elegant and created by Slidesmash Design. All fully editable, and also includes 100 free to use vector icons.

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